Tuesday, October 27, 2020 (11 AM - 12 PM)

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Create A Workplace Wellness Movement - An Affordable Investment To Create Lasting Change.

The Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce is exploring the possibility of offering the Healthy Roots Wellness Co-op Program as a member benefit. For the cost of a coffee and muffin per employee, this wellness experience offers everything you need to create lasting life-change for your employees.

Learn more about the program and have an opportunity to ask questions by participating in the Wellness Roundtable, October 27 at 11am.

The Healthy Roots Corporate Wellness Program gives you everything you need to create lasting life-change for your employees. PLUS we make implementation a breeze!

This program was developed with three goals in mind:

  1. To create ease for the Wellness Director - or whoever in your organization wears this hat.
  2. To provide high-value, comprehensive, whole-health education that addresses the top health concerns in your organization.
  3. To offer an affordable option for any size business - like less than $5 per employee affordable.

The benefits of the program extend far beyond physical health. When you provide an opportunity for employees and their families to increase their whole wellbeing you can expect to attract the best candidates, retain employees and create a culture people appreciate and enjoy working in.

Did you know that companies of 2 or more employees can participate in a Group Health Insurance Program?

Roundtable participants will also receive a brief update on the Anthem Chamber Saver Group Health Insurance and SOCA Health Benefit programs. Participation in these programs are Orrville Area Chamber member benefits.